Now THAT'S secure!

When it comes to website security questions, this pilot fish has a bad attitude -- and that's "bad" spelled P-R-A-C-T-I-C-A-L.

"When they let me write my own questions, I write stuff like 'Top line of the Spanish text on the control box of the computer speakers,'" says fish.

"It's easy enough for me to find that answer -- just look down and read it -- but unless you're in my house or know exactly what speakers I bought five years ago, you aren't gonna get it.

"Otherwise, I usually type in nonsense, because I don't forget my passwords.

"Then sometimes the company has a security breach, locks every affected account and says, 'You'll need to reset your password using your security questions.'

"I've been locked out of my 401(k) for about a year, and their support keeps saying there's nothing they can do. Whatever -- I won't need it for a while."

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