Why we still do deskside visits

This high-end hairdresser is having problems with two of the Macs used in her salon, and the issues are baffling to the IT pilot fish who supports the business -- mainly because they're intermittent.

"The customer was complaining about slow Internet and the computers locking up," says fish. "But whenever I would get to the site, the problem would be resolved and everything would work fine, so I began to just randomly pop in and see how things were working.

"One day I popped in and the girl up front said, 'Perfect timing! This one's locked up!' I sat down and soon determined that the Bluetooth mouse was working, but the left mouse button wouldn't click. The right button worked fine.

"A reboot restored functionality, but while I was looking at what could have caused it, the other Mac lost its left clicker.

"I plugged a wired mouse in, but still no left click. I turned off the Bluetooth mouse, no clicky. I finally discovered that I could turn off Bluetooth and get the wired mouse to work.

"Looking through the list of Bluetooth devices, I found two mice active. I started turning off mice, but there was still an 'Administrator Mouse' connecting.

"I asked around about more mice, and the owner said she had a couple in her purse. She dug them out and, surprisingly, one of them was on. I turned it off. The 'Administrator Mouse' disappeared -- and, suddenly, so did all of their problems.

"I removed the batteries from the extra mice. She promised to take them home and leave them there."

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