Sounds pretty peccable to us...

IT manager checks the contents of the departmental voicemail and finds a dozen messages from someone calling about renewing an SAP maintenance contract -- some are intended for a long-gone ex-CIO.


'It's easier than Linux, so what's the problem?'

Sysadmin pilot fish is working for a big defense contractor, and when it comes to Unix and Linux, he's got decades of experience. Then, without warning, he gets a very, um, SPECIAL assignment.


Are you sure it's not just in sleep mode?

In the wake of a very bad thunderstorm, this field service pilot fish is dispatched to a client's restaurant to test and replace a patch cord after lightning blew up the cable modem. How long could that take?


There really ARE better ways to stay awake...

Another late night, a bank of network switches in cubeland, a coffee jug and one of those in-the-cup immersion heaters -- all the ingredients for no problem at all, right? Oh, wait...


And that's why we troubleshoot first

IT support pilot fish who works for a public library system gets a work order from one of the branches: A PC that's available for public use is beeping. Fish's first step: Ask the obvious troubleshooting questions.


Why we love HR (special job-offer edition)

It's job-hunting time for this IT pilot fish, and his first two interviews both look like they'll turn into job offers. But when one company calls back, it's not quite what fish is expecting.


OK then, MOSTLY fine

Flashback to January 1999, when this IT pilot fish is hired by a small software company with a very specific customer base -- and no formal Y2k testing. But the owner assures fish, "It's fine."



Programmer works up a file-transfer approach that meets some finicky requirements, and the result works so well that the engineering manager gives him a cash award. But guess who's not impressed?


So he's NOT your favorite memory of that job?

This IT pilot fish's seat is just on the other side of a cubicle partition from a co-worker who's really annoying -- and not just to fish.


Look, just think of it as unused vacation, OK?

It's the very late 20th century, and this pilot fish is called on to write the system specs for a new time clock system. Turns out the big problem isn't Y2k -- it's a 10-minute work break.


See, now it's TWICE as cost effective as before!

This healthcare IT vendor is rolling out a new instant messaging application for internal use, and that's a bigger deal than it might sound -- so getting it right matters a lot.


Unplug, plug back in. How exciting could THAT be?

Flashback to the early 1980s, when this New Zealand site has 100 terminals connected to the central computer in a very stylish office that's a disaster waiting to happen.

05/11/17, help fiction

Documentation pilot fish joins the development team for this new CAD product -- where he gets no notes from project leads, no design specs and no emails from developers. And then there's QA...


So it must not be important, right?

Office manager pilot fish gets a call from an employee complaining that her internet connection is dead -- and fish has some idea what might be going on.


NOW we can help you!

Software developer's home DSL connection is having issues, so he checks it with a packet analyzer -- and it's a mess of problems. The obvious next step: Call the telco's tech support line with his findings, right?


Let me just show you how nothing can go wrong...

It's 5 a.m., and this IT pilot fish gets a call: Power has been lost to half of the data center's system drive. Thanks to redundant systems, no processing is lost -- but now it's time to find out what happened.


How much do you want it to be?

It's the 1970s, and this economics think tank wants to run a macroeconomic model provided by the government -- but there's one very small (or maybe very large) problem.


Surprise! How do you like your new computer?

This senior programmer/analyst is busy cranking out the 300-page technical spec for a complete rewrite of the company's turnkey business system -- and he's finally getting the new PC he needs to handle the job.


But all the plumbing works fine, right? RIGHT?!?

This company is having a branch office renovated, with walls added and eight new network lines installed. But there are early signs this wiring job isn't going according to plan.


Sometimes you have to let 'em add it up themselves

This small public accounting firm doesn't have an official IT guy, so it falls to a junior accountant to handle the first pass for all IT issues -- and to exercise some fine judgment when it comes to the big bosses.


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