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Twilio does speech recognition and understanding, the right way

Twilio’s CEO Jeff Lawson never wanted to do speech recognition. So what has changed?

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WWDC 2017: 10+ predictions for enterprise IT

Apple’s solutions have entered the cutting edge of enterprise IT, empowering digital transformation across some of the world’s biggest companies, so there will be huge interest in its news at WWDC 2017.

OK then, MOSTLY fine

Flashback to January 1999, when this IT pilot fish is hired by a small software company with a very specific customer base -- and no formal Y2k testing. But the owner assures fish, "It's fine."


Programmer works up a file-transfer approach that meets some finicky requirements, and the result works so well that the engineering manager gives him a cash award. But guess who's not impressed?

Look, just think of it as unused vacation, OK?

It's the very late 20th century, and this pilot fish is called on to write the system specs for a new time clock system. Turns out the big problem isn't Y2k -- it's a 10-minute work break.

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FileMaker 16's complex simplicity echoes Apple's enterprise IT strategy

Enterprise class software doesn't need to be clumsy, complex, or annoying, help fiction

Documentation pilot fish joins the development team for this new CAD product -- where he gets no notes from project leads, no design specs and no emails from developers. And then there's QA...

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Linux Foundation to develop tool for building blockchain business networks

The Linux Foundation said it has accepted Hyperledger Composer into its incubation working group and said the project should eventually help accelerate the development of smart contracts built on blockchain technology.

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Google Docs phishing scam underscores OAuth security risks

Google has stopped Wednesday’s clever email phishing scheme, but the attack may very well make a comeback.

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Career advice: Moving into DevOps

A programmer asks our Premier 100 IT Leader how to make the change.

How much do you want it to be?

It's the 1970s, and this economics think tank wants to run a macroeconomic model provided by the government -- but there's one very small (or maybe very large) problem.

Surprise! How do you like your new computer?

This senior programmer/analyst is busy cranking out the 300-page technical spec for a complete rewrite of the company's turnkey business system -- and he's finally getting the new PC he needs to handle the job.

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'Gidday mate!' -- Atlassian goes on a Euro expedition

Atlassian, like many of its compatriots, is on a global “overseas experience.” This week they move on to Europe.

Training aid

Flashback to 2001: This IT project's development database suddenly crashes and burns and no one can log in, so this pilot fish on the team investigates -- with his favorite training aid in hand.

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Filestack reverses the concept of the CDN to offer lightning fast file uploads globally

There’s no point having great download speeds if the data can’t make its way onto the internet quickly.


Mozilla scraps Firefox's 'Aurora' dev track

Mozilla has decided to drop one of Firefox's preview tracks that let customers test early versions of the browser before wider deployment.

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Microsoft acquires Deis to boost its Kubernetes chops

Microsoft is acquiring Deis, a company that makes tools to work with the Kubernetes open-source container orchestration system. The deal, announced Monday, marks Microsoft’s continued interest in container orchestration.

Bet he really missed his self-modifying code, too

A bank has lots of old-school Cobol code for handling its customers' money, and this programmer pilot fish keeps it nice and maintainable. Then he comes across the code of a former assembly-language coder.

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