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eBook | Presented by Apigee Corporation

Growing Your Business with APIs

In this eBook, Visa and Apigee explore what goes into building an API-driven business, how to choose the right API initiative, and how to get a fast start leveraging APIs.

eBook | Presented by Apigee Corporation

Realizing the True Potential of Omnichannel

Treating omnichannel like multichannel 2.0 won't help a company to meet these expectations. It's time to realize the true potential of omnichannel. In this eBook, understand how APIs and API management can help you capitalize on and develop your own platform for omnichannel

eBook | Presented by SAS Institute Inc

Your Strategic Guide to Governance and MDM

If you're in the data world, you know it's full of discord. Multiple data sources, inconsistent standards and definitions, inaccurate reports and a lack of governance are enough to derail any organization. What's an enterprise architect to do?

eBook | Presented by Google

Google Next 2017 Keybook

Google is excited to be delivering this e-book as a resource to our customers and all others in the cloud community. We've been asked to share insights and highlight up-and-coming solutions and trends, and Google Cloud Next '17 was a great opportunity to do just that.

eBook | Presented by CA Technologies

Unlocking the True Potential of Cloud and Hybrid IT Infrastructures With CA Unified Infrastructure Management

By necessity, every company is now a software company. By 2017, two-thirds of customer service transactions will no longer require the support of a human intermediary.1 That means that if you haven't already done so, you must adapt your business model to meet the needs of online customers. Failure to do so will put you at a severe competitive disadvantage.

eBook | Presented by Keeper Security

Password Management For Dummies eBook

Password Management For Dummies, Keeper Security Special Edition, shows you what you need to know about password management systems that can greatly improve online security in your business and personal lift.

eBook | Presented by Dyn Inc

The Authoritative Guide to DNS Terminology

DNS is fundamental to everything that happens on the internet. From visiting a website. opening a file or sending an email, DNS is the cornerstone to how your customers engage with your online presence. Whether you are a seasoned expert or just beginning to look into how DNS can improve the performance of your businesses' services, let this quick guide to DNS terminology be your comprehensive one-stop shop.

eBook | Presented by Nutanix

VDI that Delivers

Learn how the Nutanix InstantON VDI for Citrix joint solution offers the advantage of cost-effective, validated solutions for Citrix application and desktop virtualization while minimizing the risk associated with implementing complex new technology within the data center.

eBook | Presented by Safebreach

Get a Virtual Hacker on Your Squad

Can you answer the question "Are we secure?" If you're only as strong as your security defenses, understanding how well the controls that you've deployed will stand up to attackers is critical. This eBook looks at how breach simulations can quantify your security risks and continuously validate the efficacy of your security controls.

eBook | Presented by Smartling

eBook: Translation Proxy Technology

Your translation providers have been selected, your contracts have been signed, and your team is excited to finally see their localization strategy come to life. Now, how will you pass text back and forth between your web properties and your translators? That deceptively simple question is often the source of immense frustration.

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