Review: The iPhone 3G was worth the wait

'It is a generational leap forward that raises the bar,' says Ryan Faas

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Push functionality

While I haven't gotten a chance to connect my iPhone to an Exchange server and begin testing the enterprise functionality it now offers, I have taken a brief look at MobileMe's new push offerings. Despite the initial problems Apple suffered bringing MobileMe into the world last week, the service shows a great deal promise. I was able to sync contact and calendar data wirelessly over the air as promised, though it may take a while to do the initial sync, during which time it may look like nothing is happening. Push e-mail also appears to work fairly well, although I'm not sure it was perfectly immediate in its delivery. I expect MobileMe to more than deliver on the promises that .Mac offered but never quite lived up to.

Final thoughts

While the wait may have been long and trying -- and I do think Apple should have been better prepared to handle the onslaught of iTunes activations -- I can say the iPhone 3G seems to be worth it. After just a few hours of use, I have to tell you that the device packs quite a punch, both in its design and in the 3G and GPS capabilities. Combined with the new features available to all iPhone owners, it is a generational leap forward that raises the bar for what a mobile device can be.

Yes, there are a couple of legitimate complaints about the iPhone not yet addressed: The battery is not removable, the on-screen keyboard is too narrow, you can't expand the memory, the camera is only 2 megapixels and there's no flash or video support. But I suspect it won't be long before Apple or some third-party developer comes along to fix that. For most users, this is the "it" device, and rightly so. It offers the features most people want and manages to do so in an innovative way that makes you feel like you're holding a piece of technology from the future. Despite being exhausted from waking up before 5 a.m. Friday, standing in line for hours and then waiting even longer for iTunes, I'm happy to have my iPhone 3G.

Ryan Faas is a frequent Computerworld contributor specializing in Mac and multiplatform network issues. You can find more information about him at

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