How Dyn is rising to the cloud challenge

Dyn Chairman Jim Baum on internet performance management’s role in hybrid and public cloud migration, addressing needs of blurring IT and business sides

How Dyn is rising to the cloud challenge

Trying to capture an end-to-end picture of application performance across a single enterprise is challenging enough. Providing that level of visibility for hybrid- and public-cloud-enabled applications presents a whole new level of difficulty. Enter Dyn, which is an early leader in the emerging internet performance management (IPM) market.

jim baum chairman dyn

Jim Baum

Dyn Chairman Jim Baum, formerly CEO of analytics company Netezza, spoke recently with IDG Chief Content Officer John Gallant about Dyn’s cloud-based IPM portfolio. Baum says Dyn combines visualization and traffic steering capabilities with a slew of data about what’s happening across the global internet to help enterprises monitor and manage critical applications beyond the firewall. Baum discussed the competitive dynamics of the IPM market, and how Dyn’s tools are helping companies improve business processes and save money. He also explored how the lessons learned at Netezza are shaping Dyn’s strategy.

Your corporate vision statement says that Dyn is a company ‘connecting people, content and commerce through a single global internet’. That’s a pretty big mission. How exactly do you make that a reality?

Dyn has positioned itself in an emerging category that we refer to as IPM, or internet performance management. The strategy is to tie together people and assets - specifically cloud-oriented assets - in a way that provides a high degree of visibility, transparency, resiliency and performance. Those really are at the core of what Dyn does. We’re leveraging, particularly in the enterprise space, the broad-based migration from captive data center-oriented computing to computing as a service and cloud offerings.

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