Why is Apple letting Macs rot on the tree?

After years of neglect, refresh announcement later this week may be too little, too late

rotten old apple mac

Apple has been selling Macintosh branded computers for 31 years, but with its emphasis shifting to smartphones, watches, music and who knows what else, the company has neglected its Mac line, leaving the Apple faithful wondering if the company is still committed to it.

The last time the non-Retina edition of the MacBook Pro received an upgrade was four years ago. The Retina MacBook Pro is more than a year into its current cycle, and the MacBook Air has gone nearly 600 days without a refresh. The Mac Mini has gone 700 days since its last update, one that didn't sit well with customers because Apple removed quad-core CPU options and made the product harder to upgrade after purchase. The Mac Pro, the high-end desktop used by creative types, has not been upgraded in nearly three years, and the last upgrade before that was six years ago.

How bad has it gotten? The influential MacRumor's Buyer's Guide does not recommend a single Mac product right now. In fact, all but the MacBook are recommended as "Don't Buy."

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