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Special Report: IT Salary Survey 2017

The 2017 IT Salary Survey results are in! Our 31st annual special report digs into the state of IT spending, hiring and compensation this year.

Computerworld digital magazine April 2017 cover Shotopop / Computerworld

You’ll find salary listings for more than 40 IT job titles, along with in-depth features exploring fast-growing tech fields and ways IT departments can attract, motivate and retain the best workers. The report is peppered with charts that show how the 2,700 tech professionals who took part in our survey feel about their jobs, salaries, career prospects and much more.

IT Salaries Hold Tight

Our annual survey shows moderate 3% growth in IT pay — but salaries could be headed for a roller-coaster ride, with wildly different forecasts from experts on IT spending, hiring and compensation.

IT Pay by the Numbers

View salaries for more than 40 senior IT management, middle IT management and technical staff positions.

Four High-Growth Tech Fields With Top Pay

Want a big salary bump? Consider these hot IT specialties and emerging subspecialties.

How to Motivate the Modern Tech Worker

Monetary compensation is big, but creative perks and company culture really help employers stand out in the crowd.

Also in this issue:

News Analysis

Launches of BlackBerry, Nokia and Motorola devices at Mobile World Congress prove that what’s old is new again.


Thornton May offers questions to ask to prepare for the 15-year future.

The Grill

Barry Libenson is building services to enrich data sharing at Experian, while growing a powerhouse development team.

Security Manager’s Journal

A trip to the RSA show proves to be a great way to get quality time with vendors.

Shark Tank

Read the latest exploits of hapless bosses and clueless users.

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