WWDC: Everything Apple shared at its big developer event

Here's a rundown of Apple's key platform announcements as they were introduced.

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Location: Now have option to only share approximate location.

Tracking: Safari’s intelligent tracking tools are enhanced apps will be asked to request permission before tracking you.

App Privacy: Apple is requiring developers to share data concerning their own privacy policies. This information will be made available in an approachable form, and you will be able to review them before installing the app.

A variety of Home updates

Add new devices: Tap or scan to add an accessory. Apple has also created a selection of useful pre-sets – and a rather good way to review all those settings. This works a little like Apple’s Shortcuts app.

Adaptive lighting: Automatically adjust color temperature of your lights during the day.

Cameras: Cameras are completely private with HomeKit Secure. You’ll also be able to define areas of view you actually want to be alerted about. One new feature uses face recognition to let you know who is at the door based on Photos data – and your HomePod can tell you who it is.

Apple TV: Arcade users will get multi-user support on Apple TV. The company is also adding support for Xbox controllers. Picture in picture now extends to Apple TV, which means you can watch the news while using a workout app. The company also mentioned AirPlay improvements, but didn’t share too much at first.

Apple TV app: Over a billion televisions and devices now have access to the Apple TV app.

What about TV+?

Foundation: Apple shared a sneak peek at its TV adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s classic work, Foundation. It’s hard to make any useful judgement on the basis of the short segment the company showed, but it truly appears Apple has worked pretty hard to meet people’s expectations from this classic sci-fi novel. I’ll let you know when the video comes out via Twitter and my own little site.

OS releases will be made available as developer betas today, with public betas set to launch next month and launch this Fall.

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