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IBM focuses on identity management with Lighthouse buy

IBM has purchased Lighthouse Security Group and plans to combine it with another recent acquisition to build a set of identity management software and services.

Oracle introduces Mobile Security Suite for Android and iOS

After acquiring mobile application management company Bitzer Mobile late last year, Oracle today announced that it has taken Bitzer's basic "container" technology for Apple ioS and Google Android and linked it to identity management.

Startup debuts with cloud-based open-source identity and access management software

Startup ForgeRock makes its official debut today with cloud-based open-source identity and access management (IAM) software called Open Identity Stack intended to be used by enterprises and service providers to enable centralized...

BYOD boon: Make identities part of the cloud OS

Symplified's CEO will argue at an upcoming conference one way to deal with the problem: Push access management and control into the cloud

Hospital system pursues identity-management Holy Grail

It's an ideal in identity management: a centralized role-based access control system that supports single-sign-on (SSO) user access to authorized applications tied into the human resources systems for automated provisioning and...

CA takes to the cloud for identity management

CA Technologies has gotten its feet wet with cloud-based security before, but now the company is moving further in with a package of cloud based identity and access control services.

Can TrueRep really protect your online reputation?

Yet another reputation management service strives to help you get a handle on how you look on the Web. But Intelius's TrueRep is a work in progress at best.

10 identity management metrics that matter

Within the IT security community, identity- and access-management (IAM) initiatives are considered high value, but are notoriously problematic to deploy. Yet despite IAM's complexity, it represents 30 percent or more of the total...

5 cool tools for cloud management

Cloud management tools are as varied as cloud uses. For this test, we chose five tools that each attack cloud management from a different perspective.

VMware releases cloud security integration tool disguised as virtual iPhone manager

VMware's Horizon App Manager is designed to let users pull down the SAAS or internal apps they need from one screen; to do that it needs single-signon abilities nothing else does right now.

Obama ID protection plan may be best alternative to data theft

A federal program outlining how to store identity data securely and regulating the private companies that will do it may be the best option to add some protection online.

SailPoint takes identity management to the cloud

SailPoint Tuesday put forward its strategy to extend the provisioning and access control capabilities of its IdentityIQ product to cloud-based environments.

Too much access? Privileged Identity Management can help

Privileged identity management (PIM) products automate control over administrative accounts, which typically put too much power in too many people's hands with too little accountability. They address the security, operational and...

How FedEx Improved Security, Eased Access

Delivering packages to customers in a timely fashion takes more than a good shipping label.In the case of FedEx, employees often need special IDs to make deliveries, such as the Secure Identification Display Area (SIDA) badges...

10 steps to easier access management

NEW YORK -- A CISO who spent two years organizing identity and access management for the 15,000 users on his network boiled the whole experience down into a 10-step process he presented at the Security Standard Conference this...

Identity management top security priority in Gartner survey

Identity management projects are getting the top attention in enterprises in terms of security spending priorities, according to Gartner, which will be taking up the subject at its annual Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit...

Microsoft cranks out new identity management software

San Francisco - Microsoft announced at the RSA Conference Tuesday that it has begun shipping Forefront Identity Manager 2010, server software for provisioning and de-provisioning user access and privileges for network and database...

CA extends identity management to apps

At the RSA Conference today, CA is expected to announce additions to its enterprise identity management product that will allow customers to extend access and provisioning controls to the Sales Cloud 2 application.Top...

How identity governance solves the compliance challenges left by provisioning technology

The identity management landscape is changing. The need for stronger auditing controls is giving rise to identity governance tools that are supplanting ID provisioning solutions as the centralized management layer for...

To Err is Human, to Secure is Divine

Cyber-Ark Software – With reports of insider breaches continuing to make headlines, it’s clear that organizations are still struggling to protect high value targets such as databases, key operational systems and highly sensitive...

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