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Hope they sprang for gas money

Pilot fish makes a house call.

Echo chamber

A truly useless feature bollixes things up.


Gender diversity in IT: How companies are getting tangible results | TECH(talk)

How much progress has been made in gender diversity in the tech field in the past few years? CIO writer Sharon Florentine, who frequently blogs about women in IT, talks with hosts Juliet Beauchamp and Ken Mingis about companies that...

Managing up

The right question asked at the right time can make a difference.

Memory-Lane Monday: Mobile, redefined

If you need me, I’ll be at ‘my’ desk.

Just not as dangerous as stationery?

In which a safety auditor turns a blind eye to that thing stuck in the ceiling.

Sometimes percussive maintenance doesn’t work

Was the manager stifling a slight limp?

youtube techtalk thumbnails template

CIO Leadership Live with Mike Skinner, EVP and CIO at Eurpac Service

Mike Skinner, EVP and CIO at Eurpac Service, joins host Maryfran Johnson to discuss cybersecurity, data science skills, AI and more on this episode of CIO Leadership Live.

certification education knowledge learning silhouette with graduation cap with abstract technology

Demand for blockchain engineers is ‘through the roof’

A new jobs report shows software engineers with blockchain skills are in higher demand than at any time in the past, and the number of positions has grown more than fivefold in the past year.

Throwback Thursday: And you know which method he’ll choose

But it’s so much easier this way!

Wayback Wednesday: I’m going to pass on that

Unhelpful vendor isn’t embarrassed to ask for help.

File that one under ‘Somebody else’s problem’

Seems as if someone is unclear on a concept.

Share and share alike?

Just a little deceit between friends.


You have to know your audience.

Throwback Thursday: Scope creep

The methodology that dares not speak its name.


If only all IT-user interactions could go like this.

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CIO Leadership Live with Kristie Grinnell, CIO & VP IT at General Dynamics Information Technology | Ep 21

Kristie Grinnell, CIO & VP Information Technology & Supply Chain at General Dynamics Information Technology, and Maryfran Johnson get together to discuss the use of AI in military missions, the importance of data governance, the...

How much knowledge is a dangerous thing?

In which a pilot fish learns a really efficient way to kill an SSD disk.

So much learning in one day

Some employees start in the mailroom and work their way down.

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