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White Paper | Presented by Akamai & AT&T

7 Common Ways Ransomware Can Infect Your Organization

Recent ransomware attacks have shown the danger of losing access to your data, devices and services, and the problem is compounded by threat actors exfiltrating data and leaking it on public sites. So just how does this devastating malware infect devices? See the seven most common ways ransomware can infect your organization and learn the steps you can take to secure your endpoints and defend your network.

White Paper | Presented by Akamai & AT&T

A Modern Architecture To Enable And Protect The Remote Workforce

Businesses pivoted quickly to support work from home (WFH) employees, but have learned that legacy VPNs are ill-equipped to manage massive numbers of remote workers, particularly when accessing cloud-based applications. To meet the demands of mobile and WFH employees, organizations need a unified approach that leverages machine learning to prevent threats and optimize security while offering greater visibility into the network. Learn how remote workforce solutions from AT&T, powered by Palo Alto Networks, deliver a suite of networking and security services, including VPN, firewall as a service (FWaaS), zero trust network access (ZTNA), secure web gateway (SWG), and domain name system (DNS) security to help businesses secure and support their remote workforce.

White Paper | Presented by Akamai & AT&T

Secure Access Edge Access (SASE)

It’s time to rethink network security. Traditional remote access solutions buckle under the weight of so many concurrent users, while cloud applications put further strain on network infrastructure and security issues abound. Secure access service edge (SASE) is an emerging architectural approach that combines essential networking and security services into one cloud-delivered platform. This white paper offers guidance to help organizations understand what to look for when evaluating SASE for deployment, and outlines the essential components of an effective SASE solution designed to reduce complexity, rapidly scale out remote workers and branch locations, and deliver consistent security policy enforcement.

White Paper | Presented by Akamai & AT&T

Securing And Optimizing Financial Services Networks

The financial services sector is the world’s most-attacked industry, making security a top priority. How can financial services organizations solve the problem of providing tight cybersecurity without compromising network performance and seamless connectivity? A Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework provides built-in security, a multilayered defense visible on a single pane of glass, and centralized policy controls that support connectivity at branch locations. Inside you’ll learn how this approach enables financial services organizations to ensure security at the WAN edge with high performance that optimizes connectivity and speed.

White Paper | Presented by Akamai & AT&T

The Relationship Between Security Maturity and Business Enablement

This Cybersecurity Benchmark report is based on comprehensive research from the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). The goal in surveying 500 security and IT professionals was to validate and measure how organizations are aligning with best practices prescribed by the NIST CSF -- a global standard to help organizations identify and mitigate cyber-risk while providing a roadmap for program improvement. By using a cybersecurity maturity model, this report analyzes how security maturity drives business success. See where your business fits among the survey results of the 16 questions ESG asked to measure cybersecurity processes, policies, and controls in use.

White Paper | Presented by Akamai & AT&T

Tightly Control and Manage Access to Applications and Services with Zero Trust

The Chief Security Officer (CSO) at AT&T has noteworthy insights on security and changing network traffic patterns as businesses increasingly embrace mobile, cloud, and edge computing. Using Zero Trust (ZT) principles to manage and control access are critical. Inside this thought leadership paper, the AT&T CSO has framed Zero Trust concepts into 4 key areas, highlighting the benefits of a ZT-based program and outlining several critical concepts related to access control that should be considered.

eGuide | Presented by BMC Software

Breaking free of Broadcom

If your Broadcom contract is coming up for renewal, there’s a strong incentive to find an alternative. How do you make the switch successfully?

eBook | Presented by BMC Software

Frictionless Migrations from Broadcom/CA to BMC

Is your business facing a price increase to renew your existing contracts with Broadcom/CA, impacting your bottom line and creating future uncertainty?

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

2020 HP Sustainable Impact Report

HP’s ambition is to become the world’s most sustainable and just technology company. The new 2030 Sustainable Impact agenda is designed to propel HP forward, supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and prioritizing efforts where technology, talent, and ecosystem can have the greatest impact. Over the next decade, HP will stand for a new era of progress— where climate change is reversed, human rights are universally protected, and digital equity democratizes opportunity for all. This extensive and comprehensive report details the facts and figures of how HP is executing on its sustainability goals and includes some important thoughts from HP President and CEO, Enrique Lores.

Case Study | Presented by HP Inc

386 Systems Provides Continuity To Customers With Proactive Monitoring

386 Systems is an IT service provider in Peru and a long time HP partner. Delivering Device as a Service, 386 Systems simplifies IT services for enterprises across South America. Customers benefit from device management as well as proactive monitoring and visibility into potential issues regarding device health and security. Learn how 386 Systems is helping free customers’ IT departments from time-consuming support, security and device management tasks while reducing costs.

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