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Accelerated Data Centers with NVIDIA and VMware

NVIDIA and VMware are partnering to accelerate the modern data center

Training and Inferencing with NVIDIA AI Enterprise on VMware vSphere

In this demo, we'll show some examples of the features and capabilities of this stack, as well as some example workloads, such as multi-node AI training, as well as multiple inferencing workloads.

The Power to Democratize AI

The technologies exist today to bring the benefits of AI to organizations of all sizes and shapes – to democratize AI.

AI-Powered Video Analytics Make Cities More Livable

Find out how AI-based video analytics are changing everything, and the importance of high accuracy in an AI-based vision system like Uncanny Vision.

White Paper | Presented by Chooch AI

AI ROI: Computer Vision

Computer vision is now a reality. Get immediate business value like improved quality and reduced losses from the practical AI deployment platform, Chooch AI.

White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

BMC Automated Mainframe Intelligence Offerings Accelerate Mainframe Modernization

BMC Software has been doubling down on z/OS mainframe software products and services.

White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

Delivering Operational Resiliency

There’s no room for uncertainty in the competitive, fast-paced world of digital business. When customers expect exceptional service, new opportunities arise overnight, and market disruption is the order of the day, organizations depend on their mainframe to be ready for anything—any time, every time. 

Failure is not an option: Failsafe memory innovations

In this webinar, you will learn why Side Fill and Not Under Fill, why sulfuration is detrimental towards hardware corrosion and failures, and the benefits of Side Fill, Anti-sulfuration, Conformal Coating, and Heat Spreader.

eGuide | Presented by Databricks

How enabling data and AI at scale will transform your organization

Read this comprehensive guide to learn about the 10 key considerations data and technology leaders must address when developing their enterprise data and AI strategy.

White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

Stop Fighting Fires: Leverage AIOps For More Proactive Mainframe Monitoring

If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that we must be resilient to survive. Having the ability to pivot, adopt new ways of doing business, and evolve with changes created by outside factors is imperative. The cost and damage associated with downtime is well-known.

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