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Solving Key Challenges for Multi-Vendor Security Environments

Learn how multi-vendor ecosystems are benefiting from Microsoft Sentinel — and transforming with managed security — in this ebook.

eBook | Presented by Databricks

The Big Book of Data Engineering

This how-to guide provides everything you need to learn how to translate raw data into actionable data. You’ll learn best practices from leaders and experts using code samples, notebooks and public data sets.

eBook | Presented by Databricks

The Bill Inmon Book

According to Bill, the data lakehouse presents an opportunity similar to the early years of the data warehouse market. The lakehouse’s unique ability to combine the data science focus of the data lake with the analytics power of the data warehouse — in an open environment — will unlock incredible value for organizations.

eBook | Presented by Saviynt

Making the Move to Modern IGA

Uncertain times are catalysts for change. Some businesses turn inward and shy away from innovation to preserve the status quo.

eBook | Presented by Juniper Networks

How to Enable an Elastic Network Perimeter With Secure SD-WAN

This eBook explores why IT leaders need to look towards next generation, secure, session-based SD-WAN to optimize user experiences, while keeping costs manageable, delivering on stringent security requirements, and reducing complexity.

eBook | Presented by D2iQ

How to use Kubernetes in the Public Cloud as a Competitive Advantage

How to use Kubernetes in the Public Cloud as a Competitive Advantage

eBook | Presented by CBTS & VMware

5 Ways that SD-WAN Transforms Your Network

SD-WAN was developed to solve these issues and transform your network by making it more responsive, providing greater bandwidth and being more cost effective.

eBook | Presented by CBTS & VMware

6 Ways SD-WAN Redefines Branch Office Networking

By moving to a software-defined network, you’ll tap into speed, security, and cost savings. You’ll get a network that has the high level of agility that your business needs to stay competitive.

eBook | Presented by BMC Software

Frictionless Migrations from Broadcom/CA to BMC

Is your business facing a price increase to renew your existing contracts with Broadcom/CA, impacting your bottom line and creating future uncertainty?

eBook | Presented by CBTS & VMware

Why Your Enterprise Digital Transformation Needs SD-WAN

In this eBook we will look at the trends in data and digital transformation and the relevant use cases for SD-WAN.

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