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eBook | Presented by GitHub

How GitHub secures open source software

Open source software is everywhere, powering the languages, frameworks, and applications your team uses every day.

eBook | Presented by Dell EMC and Intel®

Research Proves IT Transformation's Persistent Link to Agility, Innovation, and Business Value

IT Transformation is the act of modernizing and automating information technology systems and software holistically to improve IT operations and refine relevant business processes. It’s a major endeavor, but quantitative research shows it is well worth the effort to achieve real outcomes.

eBook | Presented by GitHub

GitHub Guide for Software Development Executives

Trust, security and reliability – these qualities are essential to the success of all organizations, but they’re especially important for financial service institutions (FSIs) that handle incredibly sensitive customer data and mission-critical organizational information.

eBook | Presented by Base2 Solutions

Digital Innovation eBook

Download this eBook to Get started with your digital innovation transformation today.

eBook | Presented by GitHub

An Executive's GitHub Guide to Secure Software Development

In this guide, you'll learn how to secure your engineering team's processes and provide the flexibility they need to do their best work. We'll also address the unique regulatory and technical challenges that software companies face and how GitHub can help.

eBook | Presented by One Identity

IAM for the Real World: Access Management

Access is usually the highest priority when taking on IAM challenges, but how do you do it most effectively? In this e-book, you’ll discover: today’s key challenges for effective access management; the most common identity administration principles; the significant benefits that can come from getting to one identity.

eBook | Presented by One Identity

IAM for the Real World: Identity Governance

Read this e-book for vital information on identity governance and how you can effectively manage it while taking account of complexity, compliance and limited IT resources.

eBook | Presented by One Identity

IAM for the Real World – Privileged Account Management e-book

Read this e-book for essential information on the common security issues with privileged account management, and how you can minimize or eliminate them altogether.

eBook | Presented by One Identity

Strategies to Ensure Success for Your Identity and Access Management (IAM) Project

Discover how you can set your IAM project up for success with the correct balance of access management, privileged account management (PAM) and identity governance using One Identity.

eBook | Presented by Presidio

10 Questions 10 Answers: Get to know VMware Cloud on AWS – The Best-in-Class Hybrid Cloud Service

If you’re looking for more information about how enterprises leverage hybrid clouds, what makes for a best-in-class enterprise cloud, or whether VMware Cloud on AWS is for you, you’re sure to find it here.

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