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eBook | Presented by ServiceNow

IT strategy is dead… so what's next?

Learn why an integrated strategy is critical for the future of your organization. Read the ebook.

eBook | Presented by TEC Centers

TEC Buyers Guide: Cloud ERP for Manufactuers

The Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Cloud ERP Software Buyer's Guide for Manufacturers addresses questions manufacturers have on cloud software deployment versus the on-premises and hosted alternatives. It provides a basic framework for assisting manufacturing company decision makers in their assessment and evaluation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions for their business.

eBook | Presented by Slack

Choosing the right collaboration platform

Software has transformed every aspect of business. But collaboration? Stuck in a rut. That’s why we created Slack—and this guide—to help you choose a modern collaboration platform that streamlines, automates, and accelerates the work you do everyday.

eBook | Presented by Slack

Powering tomorrow’s tech stack today

This guide explains how Slack brings together your people, data, and applications into one secure platform, including the tools your teams use everyday. Bonus: Adoption on Slack is swift and intuitive.

eBook | Presented by IBM

A business guide to modern predictive analytics

Modern predictive analytics is about using machine-generated predictions with human insight to drive business forward.

eBook | Presented by Open Text

eBook: The Intelligent & Connected Enterprise

Technology is pushing human limits. There are more machines than humans on the planet. Over half of the jobs we do will be automated, and every company will become a software company. The challenge will be to master the fine art of blending human intelligence with machine-enabled insights. For the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise, this is not science fiction, but the opportunity to reimagine business.

eBook | Presented by IBM

Machine Learning for Dummies

Machine learning is having a dramatic impact on the way software is designed so that it can keep pace with business change.

eBook | Presented by IBM

Optimize Customer Experience Metrics With 12 AI-Enabled Use Cases

The AI Revolution In CX Measurement

Protecting Data Capital in Your Organization

Data powers everything in modern organizations; analytics, digital experiences, IoT, and artificial intelligence are notable examples. All are essential to organizations that want to succeed in a digitally transformed world, but they simply cannot function without data. This is driving the shift from data as a static digital asset to data as a strategic business asset.

eBook | Presented by IBM

Smart Paper: Scaling Data Science

This eBook will highlight how data science is influencing companies everywhere today and the various aspects of business that are benefited in fully leveraging IT and data in one's organization.

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