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eGuide | Presented by TrustMAPP

Presenting to the Board of Directors

TrustMAPP provides a single source for the data points to help foster productive Board-level conversations about security and risk.

eGuide | Presented by Avanade

Three key ways to speed up success with CX personalisation

This guide shares three ways organisations can successfully deliver personalisation for a richer end-to-end customer journey.

Best Tools for Managing Edge Computing

The Right Tools for Edge Management Problems

eGuide | Presented by Amazon

Cloud Training

As companies transition to the cloud, the skills gap has never been greater. Sure, the training opportunities are out there—but what’s the best bang for your buck, and what are the most useful programs for your employees? This eGuide will give you a place to start.

Buyers Guide to Edge Infrastructure Management Solutions

This guide shares the key steps companies should take before buying and deploying an edge infrastructure management solution.

eGuide | Presented by 128 Technology

SD-WAN eGuide

The software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) is a specific application of software-defined networking technology applied to WAN connections such as broadband internet

DDoS Defense

A DDoS attack is like a traffic jam—clogging up the road and keeping customers and cars from their desired destination.

eGuide | Presented by Tableau Software

Evaluation Guide: How to choose the right modern BI & analytics platform

This evaluation guide aims to support IT organizations as they evaluate and select a modern BI & analytics platform suitable for a broad, enterprise-wide deployment.

eGuide | Presented by Microsoft

Sustaining Momentum with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is just as inspiring and exciting as it sounds. But like any promising initiative, it required careful planning and monitoring. Does your organization have a clear picture of where it wants to go? Agility, accountability, and measurability are critical, as is clarity regarding financial commitment. And guess what? Sustainability and corporate responsibility can also figure it into your goals and objectives.

eGuide | Presented by ThreatConnect

Security Orchestration and Automation

Security automation and orchestration platforms invoke “digital playbooks” to reduce risk, drive efficiency, and automate security operations at machine speed. This expert eGuide from IDG explains how security automation and orchestration platforms work and how you can justify the investment with a quantifiable business case. You’ll also learn how one organization is saving $1 million per year by automating phishing investigations.

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