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White Paper | Presented by Cohesity

Cohesity Data Protection

Cohesity DataPlatform provides scale-out, globally deduped, highly available storage to consolidate all your secondary data, including backups, files, and test / dev copies.

Empowering Organizations With Hybrid IT

Organizations seeking Hybrid IT with software-defined solutions that reduce complexity can benefit from the partnership of two industry leaders. HPE Synergy running VMware® Cloud Foundation™ represents an enterprise-ready cloud solution that is flexible, easy to deploy, and cost-efficient.

White Paper | Presented by Dropbox

Dropbox Business: Getting The Most From Collaboration

Adopting Dropbox Business enables an organization to gain control of shared data while meeting the many security mandates that challenge enterprises of all sizes.

White Paper | Presented by Dropbox

Dropbox Business Security

Over 300,000 businesses and organizations rely on Dropbox Business as a unified home for their teams’ content, enabling them to collaborate and share seamlessly. But more than just an easyto- use collaboration tool, Dropbox Business is designed to keep data secure.

White Paper | Presented by Dropbox

Forbes Insight: Why Businesses Need a Collaboration Strategy

To understand the value of an enterprise collaboration strategy, Forbes Insights is teaming up with Dropbox Business to explain why collaboration efforts go awry and how businesses can build a culture of collaboration to drive value.

White Paper | Presented by Dropbox

Privacy and Data Protection

At Dropbox, trust is the foundation of our relationship with millions of people and businesses around the world. We value the confidence you’ve put in us and take the responsibility of protecting your personal data seriously.

White Paper | Presented by Dropbox

Re-imagining the IT Admin Experience

From simplified team management and deployment to stronger user controls, read on to learn about the new Dropbox admin features that make your job easier and your company safer.

White Paper | Presented by Dropbox

The Business Value of Dropbox Business in Supporting Collaboration

IDC conducted interviews with eight organizations using Dropbox Business to understand its impact on how their employees work as well as their IT operations and costs.

10 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do

This paper discusses ten points to consider and actively test in your current security i nfrastructure and your future NGFW.

2018 NSS Labs Advanced Endpoint Protection Report

Palo Alto Networks® Traps™ advanced endpoint protection stands apart in its ability to protect endpoints from attacks that leverage malware, exploits and ransomware before they can compromise endpoints by combining multiple methods of prevention.

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