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Video/Webcast | Presented by Workday Inc.

A Tale of Two CIOs

Enterprise software upgrades have traditionally been a real headache. But do they have to be? See how the experience of a major application upgrade process differs for two CIOs—one using on-premise software and one using Workday.

Concepts and Best Practices for Managing Oracle License Compliance

With risk comes great reward. Oracle's "open" licensing gives you free reign of their software, but careful—you'll need to actively manage licensing for the features you use

Infrastructure with Purpose

Watch this video to hear from JR River, the Co-founder & CTO of Cumulus Neworks about the new phrase they are using, "Infrastructure With Purpose".

Drive More Value with High Performance Cloud Data Warehousing

In the most recent EMA big data research, 87.4% of respondents indicated that they were adopting cloud implementation strategies. Existing offerings in the market provide simplicity, elasticity, and cost-effectiveness to attract new customers. Join EMA Research and Actian for a live webinar to get more insights on this topic.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Google

A Day in the Life of a Googler: Using Chrome Enterprise to Empower Your Workforce (Cloud Next '18)

Join analyst firm ESG as they share insights on how Google deploys Chrome Enterprise solutions to ensure an effective, happy and productive work environment for its employees everywhere.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Google

Google's Grab and Go Chromebook Program in Action

Watch how Google's Grab and Go program with Chrome Enterprise helps employees every day

Video/Webcast | Presented by Google

How Google's IT Team Empowers Cloud Workers at Google (Cloud Next '18)

How do you give 70,000 employees technology that helps them be productive any time, any place, but also work securely? That was the challenge faced by Google's IT team. In this talk, you'll hear directly from our IT staff about our own models for device deployment, and get useful tips for your enterprise.

The Future of Network Visibility

Watch this video to learn how key developments in data telemetry and visibility will deliver a more automated network environment.

Where Are You on Your SD-WAN Journey?

Join Cisco and Softchoice to understand the key benefits of the technology and the best way to get started.

Are you AI-Ready

Expectations for Artificial Intelligence are high. But what about reality? What’s the secret of a successful AI implementation? And what can the rest of us learn from AI leaders? A ground-breaking study reveals answers to those questions.

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