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Apple vs. Dell: A Workstation Buyer’s Guide

When buying a workstation, price-performance matters. But it’s not the only consideration. Also important is aligning features and capabilities with user software applications and workloads. So are system optimization, expandability, reliability and support. While many buyers—especially for graphics, video and multimedia fields—might consider Apple’s iMac, iMac Pro and MacBook Pro models, they may be selling themselves short in many ways. This paper provides a checklist for buyers to compare Apple’s newest high-end offerings with the latest Dell Precision workstations.

Embrace Smart Collaboration to Drive Innovation

To help employees stay productive, you need to embrace all the ways they want to work, which means anywhere, anytime, with anyone, and on any device. This is not just a nice-to-have strategic initiative — it’s an operational imperative in today’s interconnected business environment, where most workers report that being able to work and collaborate from home (or anywhere else) helps them get more done. Read this executive brief to discover how the right security solutions and technology mix can allow your company to adapt to the need for smart collaboration.

Hardware Does Matter: Global Server Brands are Perceived as Superior for Driving Digital Business

In this report, we evaluate market misperceptions surrounding server functionality. We present data on server adoption and perceptions, based on the 2019 Frost & Sullivan Server Preference survey, and show which selection criteria IT leaders considered most important. Finally, we offer recommendations for assessing server brands to determine which will best meet your business needs. Download this report provided by Dell EMC and Intel® to learn more.

Meeting the Needs of the Evolving Workforce with Windows 10 and Dell Technologies Services

Emerging technologies are driving a new era of innovation and growth. With Windows 10, organizations gain universal app capabilities, enhanced security tools, a new level of integration with cloud services — and a new Windows-as-a-service (WaaS) model that delivers updates in smaller packages more frequently. By adapting your IT services and operations to take advantage of these innovations, you can better meet the evolving needs of your workforce. This solution overview discusses how accelerate transformation with four key managed Windows 10 services that can streamline your Windows 10 device refresh and migration.

PC-as-a-Service: Unlocking New IT Capabilities To Improve Employee Experience

This Forrester spotlight evaluates the effectiveness of PC-as-a-service (PCaaS) and looks at how PCaaS can improve workforce experience.

Improve Video Project Completion Time with Dell EMC Isilon F800 All-Flash Storage

In the Principled Technologies data center, we compared high-throughput workload performance on the Dell EMC™ Isilon® F800 All-Flash NAS Storage System to that of a similar all-flash storage platform from a competitor (hereby referred to as “Vendor A”). The Isilon F800 storage system delivered significantly better read (video playback) and write (video editing) performance, which means videographers, media library managers, video archivists, and other media-focused users can complete tasks faster and improve productivity. Download this paper provided by Dell EMC and Intel® to learn more

The Dell EMC PowerMax 8000 Outperformed Another Vendor’s Array on an OLTP-like Workload

This report examines enterprise data storage systems and looks at how Dell’s new EMC PowerMax storage solution can support OLTP-like workloads.

Maximize Your Storage Capacity with the Dell EMC Unity 550F All-Flash Array

Taking into account time and budgetary constraints, most organizations can’t afford to make mistakes about where and how they allocate resources for storage. This means storage solutions must be sourced and operate efficiently, as well as eliminate the top two challenges many IT leaders cite as hindrances to their infrastructure: aging equipment and inadequate storage capacity. Download this white paper from Dell EMC and Intel® to learn more.

Dell EMC PowerEdge Modernizes Compute to Maximize the Value of SAP

Data, the lifeblood of the modern business, offers a competitive advantage to those capable of capitalizing on its value. Among modern, data-intensive workloads, SAP often ranks among the top in both its importance to day-to-day operations and its potential to introduce new business opportunities. Maximizing the value of the data stored in SAP’s database landscape with initiatives, such as real-time analytics, however, demands a secure, resilient, and powerful compute technology, such as that from Dell EMC PowerEdge, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, to serve as the bedrock of a modern data center. Download this paper from Dell EMC and Intel® now.

Get Rid of Database Workload Silos: Dell EMC SC5020 vs. HPE Nimble

In this whitepaper, Principled Technologies tested the All-Flash Dell EMC SC5020 array and the HPE Nimble Storage AF5000 All-Flash array to see how well each performed while handling two workloads at once. Find out which solution delivered stronger performance and learn more about the importance of eliminating database workload silos. Download this paper from Dell EMC and Intel® now.

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