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eBook | Presented by Vistex

Aligning Channel Incentives to Partner Personas and Journeys

This eBook defines the channel partner journey and will help you understand how to better align your incentives to your partners.

Are Complex Business Processes Affecting Company Growth & Profits?

Multiple forces have had a significant impact on manufacturers in the high-tech industry for some time.

eBook | Presented by Vistex

Driving Profitable Behavior Change with Incentives

Outcomes are not the only measurement of success in a partner incentive program.

White Paper | Presented by Vistex

Five Steps Towards Building a Winning Strategy for Tomorrow’s Channel

In the following pages you'll find the five steps to consider when building or updating for tomorrow's channel.

eBook | Presented by Vistex

Through the Partner Lens: Crafting a Compelling Value Proposition

The more you attempt to understand the partner’s market niche – including factors specific to their local geography – the better able you will be to present an argument for why you are the right choice for them.