How Digital Evolution Saved the World

COVID-19 has caused devastation on a personal and global level, yet had this pandemic hit at any other time over the last 2,000 years, the effect would have been significantly more catastrophic. Imagine a world where 80% of the workforce is in lockdown, 33% of the population is unemployed, the global supply chain is massively disrupted, medical practitioners are ordered to shut down, physical distancing is mandated, and a food supply panic sweeps the nation alongside the highest-ever spike in gun sales (data specific to the US).

This is a recipe for total chaos. Yet thanks to technology, businesses have continued operating with some degree of normalcy. Technology systems have safe-guarded supply chains; remote communications have leveraged in education, medical services, customer services, logistics, and entertainment; and essential businesses like commerce, insurance, and finance have continued providing services online. In short, technology has played a vital role in enabling our economy to survive.