Jump-start your cloud adoption with modern cloud security

On-premises-only work environments are so yesterday — rigid and boxed-in, limiting in scale and scope. Business happens largely in the cloud, a world that’s amorphous, shifting and accessible anytime and from anywhere. 

Freed from the old constraints, cloud-based enterprises can enjoy more flexibility, scalability and productivity than ever — at less cost. So why isn’t everyone already there? Just 17 percent of business and tech/security executives see their organizations benefiting from cloud adoption, according to PwC’s 2021 Global Digital Trust Insights survey.  They’re the fortunate ones. A quarter told us they’re using the cloud but haven’t yet benefited, and 29 percent are just starting to move functions and operations to cloud environments. Another 29 percent haven’t even begun the process.

We see it all the time: Clients convinced of the cloud’s potential but overwhelmed by the complexities of properly securing it. Instead of moving forward with their cloud programs, they get stuck in a quagmire of questions and concerns.

The good news is that a well-thought-out, step-by-step approach to security can jump-start your stalled migration and/or modernization. It can even hasten the move so you finish faster than originally planned.