The Newest Socially Engineered Threats and How to Stop Them

Brought to you by Abnormal Security

There has been a rise in advanced Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks that are undetectable by traditional cybersecurity tools like SEGs. These attacks include account takeover, employee credential phishing, as well as vendor email compromise, which we saw happen in a recent high profile attack against SolarWinds.
Join this on-demand webinar to learn how companies have mitigated this risk by taking a systematic approach to eliminating these threats. Our webinar panel will feature speakers from Abnormal Security and Avery Dennison.
Topics that we’ll discuss include:

  • The latest trends in the BEC threat landscape and the cost of attacks – both in dollars and time for security teams
  • Why these attacks are so successful at bypassing existing (and often sophisticated) email security tools
  • Learn strategies from cyber security experts who have learned to protect themselves