How Data-driven ESG Programs Are Driving Success in Banking

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has taken center-stage in boardrooms and on Wall St., as increasing regulatory efforts, stakeholder pressure and an overall desire for more equitable lending practices demand real organizational change and broader societal impact. However, ESG isn’t a simple fix as it relates to banking and will require many changes throughout the lending lifecycle.

Join financial services industry experts Greg Jacobi, Banking Industry Advisor at Salesforce, and Jennifer Geary, General Manager, EMEA at nCino, as they discuss why financial institutions need to prioritize ESG now more than ever. In this on-demand webinar, attendees will learn about the driving forces behind ESG, the importance of creating and aligning a data-driven ESG strategy throughout the organization, why a flexible and configurable system is vital for handling the entire origination and portfolio management process, and how technology partners can provide the expertise and tools to track your success and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

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